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A seasoned professional in deathcare, 32 year-old Ziqian’s passion in the business started in his early teens. He followed his father on his rounds in Ang Chin Moh Funeral Directors where he got his first introduction to the intricacies of funerals.

A mechatronics engineering graduate of the Nanyang Polytechnic, Ziqian gradually found his calling in the funeral profession, starting as a funeral assistant during his school holidays and moving up to executive director after 18 years’ experience in the trade.

His proximity to the funeral business sets him apart and today, he presides over the century-old business that is one of the biggest funeral director companies in Singapore since the 1900s. Ziqian today continues the family heritage of Ang Chin Moh Funeral Directors and extending his innovative management skills across companies under his care. This includes Mount Vernon Sanctuary - comprising six 6-star funeral service halls; Flying Home, a repatriation service for the deceased; Algordanza Singapore and Western Casket.

A visionary, Ziqian started Mount Vernon Sanctuary in 2010, offering the services of 6-star funeral service halls to all funeral companies in Singapore. This ‘open industry concept’ is part of what he believes is needed to improve the local death care industry - a sector beset with a poor image, scarce manpower, inconsistent standards and unfavourable operational areas. These issues are also what drives him to establish the Ang Chin Moh Foundation, Singapore’s first philanthropic organization started by a funeral director. Through the Foundation, he hopes to uplift the sector with greater professionalism, respect and quality.

Ziqian also travels globally to better understand other cultures, traditions and beliefs, which he says are essential elements to his profession.
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