Public forum in collaboration with Tan Kah Kee Foundation and the Goh Loo Club, July 2017

In July 2017, Ang Chin Moh Foundation tied up with Tan Kah Kee Foundation Alumni Series and the Goh Loo Club to host a public forum on death, dying and the funeral profession in Singapore. Titled “Is Death dead?: Locating Death in Singapore”, this public forum provides a platform for the audience to better understand the issue of death from a multi-disciplinary approach, to actively engage the issue of death in our daily lives. It is hoped that through this public forum, attendees would come to realise that the material and analytical reality of death is part of a larger body of knowledge ranging from class, design, gender, literature, photography, philosophy, religion, history, linguistics and various other sources of representation. Death in fact serves as an important agent in helping us to better understand ourselves and by extension, the context in which our society lives, play and manages its affairs.

Recognized once again for its knowledge and expertise, Ang Chin Moh Foundation was represented by its project executive, Mr Bernard Chen. He was honoured to be able to share the stage with Mr Tan Keng Leck from the Goh Loo Club, Mr Bob Lee, a professional photographer and Mr Raymond Hon, a graduate student at the National University of Singapore.

Ang Chin Moh Foundation  hoped that through open public discussions such as this, death can be accorded the attention that it sorely requires and that there would be greater understanding of the funeral profession as an essential public service, participants of the forum can be empowered and equipped to further engage and educate themselves about death.