Last Cradle

The Last Cradle was the outcome of an experiential collaboration between Low Joo Tat, a graduate from the Division of Industrial Design, School of Design and Environment, National University of Singapore and Ang Chin Moh Foundation. Joo Tat came up with an idea to improve the manner in which the dead will be transported from one point to another and after a short working internship with Ang Chin Moh Group and with the facilitation of Ang Chin Moh Foundation, devised a set of tools that helps the funeral profession humanize the procedure of transporting the recently departed. The Last Cradle consists of a carrier that facilitates easier and gentler carrying, and a mortuary stretcher cover that gracefully secures and envelops the departed into a cocoon-like vessel. Through affording gentler and more caring gestures, the Last Cradle transforms the now clinical procedure into a warm and aesthetic ritual that is more meaningful for both the bereaved and the funeral staff.