Pantang: Perspectives and Realities of Mortality

Pantang: Perspectives and Realities of Mortality was an interactive and experiential exhibition that attempts to discuss the significance of death and remembrance of identity to different individuals through a multidimensional “living funeral” during the 2017 School of Art, Design and Media, Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Graduation Show, held over a three weeks period in May 2017. It all started when Ngian Xuan Rong, a year 4 student approached Ang Chin Moh Foundation with her idea proposal. Finding it meaningful and innovative and after a series of ideation and consultation, Ang Chin Moh Foundation proceeded to support her proposal.

Through the play of perspectives and stimulation of different realities of mortality, this exhibition opens a discourse around cultural practices, remembrance and respect of our individuality; for who we are is intrinsically tied to our own life and death. Through the exhibition, the taboo of death is being deconstructed and viewers will be led to confront their identity as they explore the different dimensions of life and death. This exhibition hopes to promote death literacy through stimulating experiential spaces and images revolving around the idea of death in Singapore. Over the course of three weeks, this exhibition was opened to not only students from the School of Art, Design and Media, their families and friends but also members of the public.