Our model of philanthropy places its emphasis on progressive partnerships with a wide range of stakeholders with an eye towards institutional capacity building, propelled by innovation solutions and strategic collaboration. Ang Chin Moh Foundation goes beyond the traditional understanding of a donor-sponsor relationship and invest with the long term view of uplifting the standards of the funeral profession in Singapore.

As such, we encourage prospective grantees to consult our individual projects in order to see our substantive areas of interest and emphasis. Unsolicited proposals are seldom funded, and we prefer to design and develop high impact projects, convening the best individuals or organisations to drive these initiatives. Regardless, we are ready to listen with an open mind even as we are selective.

As there is significant competition for our philanthropic resources, we regret that many worthy causes cannot be funded. It is difficult for us to consider requests for:

  • Projects that are not aligned with the Foundation’s specified focus areas
  • Grants, loans or scholarships for the benefit of specific individuals.
  • Construction or maintenance of facilities and buildings
  • Contributions that serve religious or political purposes

Ang Chin Moh Foundation welcomes all ideas and provides individuals and organisations, from students in tertiary institutions to corporate entities and charities with viable and meaningful platforms to empower their ideas and make a positive impact in society through the funeral profession.